LGM North America incorporates the LGM Group activities in North America through its two companies:
  • LGM Management & Conseil Inc., Canadian company based in Montreal.
  • LGM North America Inc., American company based in Pittsburgh.
Created in 2013 to support Bombardier Aerospace on the CSeries certification program, LGM North America is continuously developing not only in the engineering discipline, but also in the business sector.
LGM North America in Montreal
The strategy of LGM North America is to offer services of design, development,  commissioning, in-service support and project management of high-technology complex systems in Aeronautic, Naval, Railway and Defense sectors. These services rely in the skill and competence of our staff not only based in North America, but also on over 1400 worldwide LGM Group employees with more than 30 years of experience and expertise.  
Our services are based on 5 complementary areas of expertise:
  • Maintenance Engineering.
  • Technical Publication and Training.
  • Safety management (RAMS).
  • System Engineering and Validation.
  • Program management.

LGM North America

LGM North America in Pittsburgh

Testimonies of members of LGM North America team

Eric De Tocqueville, LGM Group
Eric De Tocqueville
Chairman of LGM Group
Magali Lacaze, LGM North America
Magali Lacaze
General Manager of LGM North America

As President of LGM group, 30 years ago I initiated a dynamic team around a unifying mission: helping our industrial customers to better optimize their systems.

For LGM North America, I wanted this center of expertise to adopt the same principles of organization and quality to meet the needs and ever greater demands of diversity and innovation of our customers.

It is with this ambition and relying on our ever-renewed historical know-how that we are developing our market share in North America. I am proud to see LGM North America progress in its various markets, with both the seriousness and the passion that characterize our teams and our customers.

These are all stimulating projects for all. Let’s continue to surpass ourselves every day with this same spirit of conquest to accompany the evolution of technologies.

I am Magali and I have been managing LGM North America since 2014. I am very proud to use my 18 years of management experience in the industry to develop LGM North America by integrating the values of LGM group, which are also mine: Cohesion and team spirit, Self-fulfillment, Passion in the expertise, Integrity, Quality and rigor.


The success of our team is based above all on complementary individual talents: I am proud to build this team and to contribute to the self-fulfillment of each one.

I ensure the quality of our accomplishments and the contributed added value, with the aim of satisfying our customers.


Convinced that performance and surpassing one-self rhymes with well-being and good atmosphere, I apply these principles every day, both in the management of the team and in the relations with our customers and partners.


The LGM Group

The LGM group aims to provide to its clients, operators and contractors a global solution to their high-tech system development needs.
LGM Group figures:
Geographic presence of the different divisions of LGM Group:

History of LGM Group

  • 2017: Creation of the division LGM North America Inc. in USA.
  • 2014: Creation of the division LGM Engineering India Private Limited.
  • 2013: Creation of the division LGM Management & Conseil Inc. in Canada.
  • 2012: Partnering with the society NMJ Services.
  • 2010: Creation of the division LGM Process.
  • 2009: Creation of the division LGM Pharma.
  • 2008: Creation of LGM Group.
  • 2007: Creation of the division LGM Engineering.
  • 2006: Creation of the Deutchland division: AXONE Gmbh.
  • 2005: Creation of the 1st international division in  Holland : AXONE BV.
  • 2003: LGM Consultants become LGM.
  • 2002: LGM Consultants becomes a SAS company.
  • 2001: The decision to develop LGM Consultants.
  • 1991: Creation of LGM Consultants.