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System Engineering

LGM’s systems engineering activities encompass the design, modeling, and simulation of complex systems, as well as requirements management, configuration control, and product line engineering.


At the core of technical complexity, these activities are structured through design studies, implementation, or integration of collaborative tools such as PLM and ALM, or by undertaking complete engineering activities.


LGM works to deconstruct and simplify the complexity of large-scale systems and infrastructures while ensuring digital continuity throughout the entire lifecycle.

Mastering development, both in terms of expectations and services, necessitates technical structuring of the system and its engineering organization:  operational needs, functional vision, logical and physical solutions (both hardware and software). LGM’s System Architecture approach adheres to Systems Engineering standards such as ISO 15288, ISO 42010, among other, and employes standardized techniques including NF X50-151-153, SysML, and Capella.


This orchestration is carried out by the system architect, who ensures alignment among all stakeholders: defining the system and its requirements, designing an optimized solution, overseeing its realization, integration, verification and validation of its implementation, and recommending approaches such as model-based engineering or product line.

A Look at System Engineering

LGM Management & Conseil Inc. Magali Lacaze Managing Director, and System engineering manager

The growing complexity of systems necessitates stringent control over development, encompassing both products and services, by applying a system engineering framework that provides flexibility and cross-functionality.


System engineering aims to provide technical and management teams with the keys to design a robust system that complies with modern standards and regulations, while catering to the needs of all stakeholders, especially the end user.

It is therefore essential to follow a structured methodological approach: analyzing customer requirements and specifications, evaluating of alternative solutions, optimizing of the chosen solution, and subsequently justifying and validating it, all while managing the associated technical data through configuration.

As a member of AFIS and INCOSE, LGM North America adapts and deploys for its clients the main standards, techniques (including MBSE, BPMN, MISME), and tools (3D Experience, IBM Rational, Capella, Polarion, Pure::variants, Semios for example) of systems engineering.

Magali Lacaze

LGM North America Managing Director

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