Safety Analysis (RAMS)

FIDES ExperTool is a tool for reliability calculation of electronics components based on the FIDES 2009 guide.

Maintenance Engineering 

eLSA is an integrated logistics support tool based on the ASD S3000L standard. It is an innovative solution for production of support reference tables:
  • Define effectively an optimized maintenance plan.
  • Centralized Data management.
  • Providing an interface with the other disciplines.
  • Integrating partners data.
For more informations on eLSA tool, visit our dedicated website http://elsa.lgm.fr/.
CINDY is a CMMS for fleet management with navigability follow-up options:
  • Fleet management.
  • Optimized task management.
  • Supply chain management.
  • Technical events management.
MSG-3 Structure is a personalized planning tool allowing users to create and update MSG-3 analysis to identify specifications for structural periodic checks and maintenance per area.
We also use other tools, such as PTC Windchill, MPC.

Technical Publication

ADAM / EVE is an IETM (class IV) based on the S1000D standard.
We also use other tools, such as PTC Windchill, PTC Arbortex, Framemaker, EPIC.

Program Management

RED CRAB is a cost management tool. It allows users to:
  • Follow up cost estimates during all project phases.
  • Centralize cost estimates of each  MOE per phases.
  • Compare cost.
  • Perform time simulations of project costs.

OCTAVE is a temporal coordination tool of activities and space. It allows users to:
  • Display spatiotemporal activities from schedules extracted from MS Project or Primavera, in order to optimize the management of interfaces and construction site schedules.
  • Display project actors.
  • Set up the level of detail.
  • Highlight periods of co-activity on the same geographical area.

System Engineering and Validation

DOORS is a lifecycle requirements management tool. It allows users to:
  • Describe a set of requirements.
  • Establish a traceability between these requirements.

Reqtify is a traceability requirements management and impact analysis tool. It allows users to:
  • Verify traceability by tagging requirements accross the development cycle.
  • Automatically generate a traceability matrix in order to validate that requirements are correctly covered.

We also use other tools, such as Matlab Simulink, REQ view, SYSML and RTC IBM.
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