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Our values

At LGM North America, individuals are at the center of our concerns. We place great value on the talents of our consultants.
Our priorities are to recruit the experts of tomorrow and to encourage our employees to develop their talents.

A framework for progress and development with good humor

On a daily basis, the team is eager to create and to maintain a work environment that brings out the best of each employee. This allows every member of the team to enjoy their work and realize their potential.
We practice personalized management, which allows every manager to know team members well and help promote their success.
Team LGM North America
Team LGM North America
Teamwork and a sense of belonging are strong values at LGM North America. After work  events are often planned to allow our team members to get to know each other better and exchange thoughts. This helps promote a proper balance between work and leisure.

A recruitment process in 3 stages

Pre-qualification phone interview with the recruitment specialist
This interview validates the candidate's personality as well as his motivation to integrate with LGM North America.
Particular attention is paid to compatibility and complementarity of the candidate with regard to the existing team.
Interview with the team leader
Besides assessing the qualities and technical skills of the candidate, the team leader will project the candidate's potential career with LGM North America.
We not only look for candidates to address an immediate need, but for people with skills that serve a long-term perspective.
Interview with the agency director
Final approval of the candidate.
If you are interested in LGM North America, please look into our positions openings:
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