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Technical Documentation and Training

LGM offers a variety of technical writing and training solutions, tailored to both sectorial needs and applicable norms and standards. These solutions can take the form of outsourced production of your deliverables or support for your in-house team.

Our specialists offer guidance, produce your documentation, and train your teams using methods and tools that have been proven successful with major industrial clients.

From initial requirements assessment to the creation of pedagogical content, our team supports your training project every step of the way.  We carefully select the most effective media for knowledge transmission and assessment, based on your specific requirements.

Our experienced specialists possess comprehensive expertise in all aspects of document production including writing, editing, publishing, maintenance, validation and verification, revision, and document configuration management.

We tailor our approach to your needs and requirements to produce high-quality structured documentation according to the applicable standard such as ASD S1000D, S2000M, ATA, DITA, and others, or according to your preferred format and structure.

Our team specializes in creating illustrations and technical media, content translation, and delivers your material in various formats, including electronic (IETM) and paper.

A Look at Technical Documentation and Training

Maintenance manuals are among the last elements in the project phase but remain crucial for ensuring and prolonging the lifecycle of the product or system.

The technical documentation profession is full of challenges, discoveries, and within LGM North America, we have the privilege of participating in projects spanning from small mechanical subsystems to large structural initiatives accross North America.

The diversity of our team enables us to operate across various sectors, pooling our collective expertise to ensure the success of each project. Whether contributing to major undertaking or collaborating within LGM, you will find a dedicated, passionate, innovative, and collaborative team committed tomaking your project our priority.

LGM Management & Conseil Inc. Florian CHEREAU Supportability, technical documentation and training, digitalization manager

Florian Chereau

Supportability, Documentation and Training Engineering, Digitalisation Manager


LGM Management & Conseil Inc. Technical documentation - Tool - TEDI - ASD S2000M

LGM’s tool for the production and control of supply data according to ASD standards

LGM Management & Conseil Inc. Technical Documentation - Tool - EVA - ASD S1000D

LGM’s tool for publishing S1000D XML data in HTML 5

LGM Management & Conseil Inc. Training - Tool - Training designer - ASD S6000T

LGM’s tool for defining educational objectives and means according to ASD S6000T

LGM Management & Conseil Inc. Technical Documentation - Outil - Modular Word - MSD - ASD S2000M

LGM’s tool for production and writing management by modular Word

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