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LGM North America

LGM North America  incorporates LGM Group activities in North America through its Canadian-based entity, LGM Management & Conseil Inc.
Since 2013, LGM North America has continuously expanded its suite of services, encompassing the management, design, development, implementation and maintenance of complex systems and infrastructures.
LGM Management & Conseil Inc. Montreal
Today, LGM North America supports North American companies across various industrial sectors.
LGM Management & Conseil Inc. Toronto Mississauga
Our comprehensive offerings are structured around six complementary areas of expertise, working in synergy:

Supportability Engineering

Safety and RAM (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability)

System Engineering

Project Management and Industrial Performance

Technical Documentation and Training

Digitalization of Information and Processes

LGM North America in Figures

LGM North America continues to expand its presence with the opening of a branch in Mississauga in 2023 to enhance our engagement with Ontario clients.
LGM North America
of Proven Experience
Locations :
Montreal and Mississauga

LGM Group in Figures

LGM North America delivers its services through its Montreal and Mississauga-based teams, in conjunction with the global presence of the LGM Group.
LGM Group
of Proven Experience
Countries of Presence

Our Values

LGM Management & Conseil Inc. Integrity


LGM Management & Conseil Inc. Cohesion and team spirit


LGM Management & Conseil Inc. personal fulfillment


LGM Management & Conseil Inc. Quality and rigor


LGM Management & Conseil Inc. Creating opportunities


LGM Management & Conseil Inc. Passion for expertise


Rather than lengthly explanations, here are tangible examples of our daily endeavors that exemplify the values ingrained in our DNA:
Nos valeurs

Our Executives

LGM Management & Conseil Inc. Frédéric Arnaud President of LGM Group
Frédéric Arnaud
President, LGM North America

For over 30 years, LGM teams have been instrumental in the success of some of the industry's most challenging projects, driven by a passion for high-tech projects, a strong sense of commitment, and expertise that consistently delivers excellence for our clients.

As Group President, I take great pride in the growth of LGM Management & Conseil Inc. in North America. We are a trusted partner to leading clients in the rail, aerospace, defence, navy, infrastructures and energy sectors.

Our teams embark on a technical and human journey filled with ever-renewing challenges. The inauguration of our new office in Toronto symbolizes our commitment to expansion and conquering new markets, while maintaining essential proximity to our clients.

Our expertise, innovative spirit, and core values not only guide our future ambitions but also define our identity.

Let’s continue to push boundaries daily, embracing a spirit of conquest to keep pace with the technological evolution and the transformative shifts in our world.

LGM Management & Conseil Inc. Magali Lacaze Managing Director LGM North America
Magali Lacaze
Managing Director, LGM North America

With more than 25 years of management experience in the industry, I am proud to lead a talented and dedicated team, who work together to achieve the company's objectives and provide quality service to our clients.

I firmly believe that team cohesion is the key to our success, and we do our utmost to create a positive and inclusive working environment. We encourage collaboration and communication, and support our employees in their personal and professional development.

Our passion for expertise is reflected in the quality of our services, and we are constantly on the lookout for new approaches and best practices to improve our offering and bring ever greater added value to our clients.

I am convinced that performance and surpassing oneself go hand in hand with well-being and fostering a positive atmosphere, I apply these principles every day, both in team management and in my interactions with our clients and partners.

Nos dirigeants
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