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Supportability Engineering

Safety and RAM (Reliability, Availibility, Maintainability)

System Engineering

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Supportability Engineering

LGM offers solutions to optimize the overall ownership costs of large high-tech systems from the design phase throughout their lifecycle.

We design and deploy logistics information systems and performance optimization tools for the design, support, and maintenance of systems and infrastructure to ensure their operational readiness.

The purpose of these analysis is to define all the necessary means (tools, spares, skills) for the maintenance of the system under study.


As part of maintainability analysis, LGM calculates repair times and proposes optimization solutions, such as changes in support methods or operational procedures, to ensure accessibility, particularly through digital models.

A look at Supportability Engineering

As system complexity continues to rise, companies are recognizing the importance of robust support systems to better estimate, control and guarantee maintenance in operational condition.

Our experts offer tailored services to meet your specific needs, from the conceptual phase to tendering, including analysis of the availability and maintainability during the development phases, monitoring during operation, including obsolescence management and end-of-life considerations.

We leverage our knowledge and our expertise to server your project, optimizing the balance between availability and the management of operational and maintenance costs.

LGM Management & Conseil Inc. Florian CHEREAU supportability technical documentation and training engineering and digitalization manager

Florian Chereau

Supportability, Documentation and Training Engineering, and Digitalisation Manager


LGM Management & Conseil Inc. - ILS Tool - eLSA

Logistics Support Analysis Tool based on the S3000L standard

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