Program Bombardier Cseries/A220:
  • Safety analysis for the certification (SSA, FHA, FTA, FMECA, etc.) - customer Bombardier Aerospace.
  • Analysis and integration of the design evolution in the MSG-3 analysis, System/Structure/Zonal/LHIRF - customer Bombardier Aerospace.


Program Bombardier CRJ 700 & 900 & 1000:
  • Functional safety analysis for extension of scheduled maintenance to 800FH  - customer Bombardier Aerospace.

Program Bombardier Global 7/8000:
  • Realization of MSG-3 anlysis for air system (ECS) - customer Liebherr Aerospace.

Program Dassault F5x:
  • Realization of illustrations of the landing gear system for the  AMM - customer Héroux Devtek.

Program LEAP:
  • Realization of assembly/disassembly procedure for the LEAP engine - customer SAFRAN.


Program H135/H145/H175:
  • Revision of maintenance tasks for the H135, H145 and H175 based on the S1000D and STE-100 standards.
Project  Montreal subway MPM-10 (STM):
  • Realization of the technical documentation for  the door system (maintenance manual, descriptive manual, illustrated parts catalog and trouble shooting manual) - customer FAIVLEY Transport USA.
  • Realization of the technical documentation for the communication system and video monitoring  (CCTV),  bogies and propulsion system - customer Alstom.

Project San Francisco subway (BART):
  • Realization of the maintenance documentation for the door system  - customer Bombardier Transport.

Project Paris subway MP14 (RATP):
  • Safety analysis (train level) (Emergency break system) - customer Alstom.
  • Safety analysis for the door system - customer Vapor Stone Rail Systems.

Project MBTA red and orange line:
  • Safety analysis for the door system (SSA, FHA, FTA, FMECA, etc.)  - customer Vapor Stone Rail Systems.

Project light rail (MTA):
  • Reliability analysis of equipment electronics cards "passenger information" based on the  MIL-HDBK-217F standard - client ISC Applied Systems.
  • Safety analysis for the vestibule door system (SSA, FHA, FTA, FMECA, etc.)  - customer Vapor Stone Rail Systems.
Project MSVS:
  • Management of the support activities for the Kerax vehicles according to the contractual requirements.

Assistance for Logistic Support Analysis LSA:
  • Creation and updating of the logistic tree structure.
  • Characterization of the support elements for each LSA candidate.
  • Structure the LSA data in a file conforming to the 1388-2B or S3000L standards.
  • Conception of the maintenance planning.
  • Coordination of the LSA tasks with all impacted departments.